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In order to practice speed skating, it is mandatory to wear a safety equipment, as established by the Quebec Speed ​​Skating Federation.

Safe equipment is designed to protect the skater himself in the event of a fall, as well as to protect other skaters in the event of a collision. Child safety is our priority.

1. Long blade skates:

Long-blade skates can be loaned for the season. If a child grows during the season, we can change skates to long blades.

The loan is advantageous because a pair of skates costs between $ 350 and $ 450.

The blades of the skates must be sharpened manually at 4-6 weeks depending on the skater’s use. Parents and coaches help for sharpening.

2. The safety equipment:

Skaters must wear mandatory equipment before entering the ice. Here is a list of required items.

  1. Hard helmet (for speed skating or hockey helmet without grid).
  2. Anti-cut leather gloves.
  3. Shin guards (as in soccer).
  4. Protects knees (as in volleyball).
  5. Neck protector (as in hockey but with a bib).
  6. Goggles with elastic band (like racquetball).
  7. Anti-cut bottom (Kevlar).
  8. Rigid blade guards.
  9. Anti-cut tracksuit (re: skin). *Optional

3. Clothing:

  • Anti-cut tracksuit (re: skin) or
  • Sportswear fitted to the body (no hood, no loose sleeves).

NOTE: Skaters who do not have a skin must wear the trousers and cotton sweatshirt with the CPVDDO logo (cost $ 34).

It is the CPVDDO equipment manager who will take care of ordering the items during the skater registration.